Screw Spike

The screw spike, also called rail screw, it can be used to fasten the ribbed base plates and sole plates to wood sleepers. It can be used to fasten the SKL Clip to rails and will obtain high clamping force. It has better fixing power than rail spike or dog spike, which lead to it’s widely using in many fastening system.

Screw Spike

  • Main Function

    The Screw Spike is used to fasten the base plate to sleeper, or the Rail Clips to the Steel rails.
  • Types

    Variety types of Ss Screws, Double Head Screws, Big Disk Screws, Screws with ponity tails for wooden sleepers, etc.
  • Surface Treatment

    Zinc, HDG, Plain oiled, Black Oxide, etc
  • Material & Grade

    Grade 4.6 of material Q235, Grade 5.6 of material 35K, Grade 8.8 of material 45#, Grade 10.9 of material 40Cr.

Application for Screw Spikes in SKL System

Item Component Types Material
1 Rail Clip SKL1, SKL3, SKL14, SKL21 60Si2MnA
2 Screw Spike Ss25, Ss35, DHS35, Ss8, etc 35K/Q235
3 Rail Dowel Sdu9, Sdu25, Sdue S3 HDPE/PA6
4 Angle Plate Wfp14k, Wfp21k PA6+30%GF
5 Rail Pad Zw600, Zw700 EVA/TPU

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GK Group,  is an enterprise manufacturing railway fasteners, whose products cover fields of railway, urban rail, mining, etc.
There are two factories located in Zhangzhou Fujian and Anyang Henan, which are all CRCC and ISO certificated, with a total area of about 320,000 ㎡, workers over 300, and an annual sales volume of over RMB 200,000,000.

Founded in 1960, With over 50 years of specializing in railway fasteners, GK has served many demanding markets worldwide, including USA States, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Spain, Italy, Romania, England, Kazakhstan, etc.

What do we


We have 4 automatic clip production lines with robot hands, which have the production volume for 60,000 pieces clips per day.
Avantages for robot hands production:

– Guarantee the dimensions stability
– Increase the quality
– Maximum the production volume
– Reduce labor cost

With the advanced forging production lines, we are able to produce screw spikes, rail bolts, rail clamp, rail anchor, and all other forged products.

Our advantages:

– Advanced production equipment, mature production technology and perfect quality assurance system.
– High production volume, able to produce with the fastest speed.
– Mature management system with lowest cost, which guarantee the quality stability.
– Competitive price with best service.

We use lost foam casting process, the advantages as below:

– Without Limits.Lost Foam enables geometrically complex cast parts to be created with the highest quality.
– Dimensionally exact. – High dimensional accuracy and low tolerances.
– Better Surface. Surface smooth and less flaws.
– Without subsequent machining. Lost Foam is done without a core and without burrs so that there is almost no subsequent fettling work.
– Weight reducing. Lost foam enables the creation of thin-walled, filigree cast product.
– Environmentally friendly. Energy efficient casting process with low emissions and closed mould material circulation.

With advanced injection machines, we are able to offer:

– Angle plate or rail insulator
– Rail pad
– Plastic dowel
– Other products according to customer’s needs

We are able to do various surface treatment with the most advanced technology. All the surface treatment is eco-friendly and finished in our own factory.

– Electrostatic spraying for rail clips. Anti-corrosion for 2 years.
– Darcromet for most rail fasteners. Anti-corrosion for 10 years.
– Zinc-nickel alloy co-permeation for most fasteners. Anti-corrosion for 20 years.

Our testing center the most advanced testing equipment:

– Universal testing machine
– Spectroscopic test machine
– Hardness Test machine
– Cold Bending Test Machine
– Fatigue test equipment for clip
– Fluorescent magnetic particle inspection machine
-Salt spray test equipment

Our Certificates

With ISO and CRCC certificated, Guokeng tries its full efforts to save cost for each client by upgrading our Production Equipment & Inspection Facility & Quality Management System to be more efficient, economy, and also with good quality control capacity. Quality and reliability are always our culture. We will never stop upgrading and developing, and will spend our whole life in delivering best quality and service.

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